peachy keen

hey i'm paige!

+ i enjoy rainy days, graphic design, the maine, and inspirational movies.

+ my hair, 85% of the time, is always in a messy bun.

+ i like being weird, going to concerts, making new friends, and reading.

i'm glad you're here! stay awhile!

Instagram: paigehahs

The day I pull off wearing running shoes with jeans will be the greatest day of my life.


u know what book i havent mentioned lately…. A Separate Peace…. can we acknowledge how cool and wonderful that book was for recognizing friendships as relationships that can be as complex/difficult/heartbreaking as romantic relationships? especially during adolescence? i read that book 4 years ago and it was the exact time in my life that i needed to read it and im so glad i did what i book

loved reading that book in my sophomore year